what is the best solution to have no problems? The alternatives are different

When we talk about the wheels of our cars, we must always be careful to avoid running into really big problems. The alternatives are different, here are the best ones ever.

Unfortunately, it can happen that a tire gets a puncture during a trip. Or, in any case, that one or more tires deteriorate over the years. According to various manufacturers, a tire change should take place on average every hundred thousand kilometers. But what is the best way to solve our problems about it? Today we will try to find out, so as to avoid bigger trouble when we are on the street.

Car tires, here are the best solutions (Web source)

Small reminder: Uptis, the rubber of the future | What you need to know

We had talked about it in the past, but there is nothing wrong with revisiting a small reminder about the future that closely concerns manufacturers and motorists. Let’s talk about the new Michelin tires that promise to be truly revolutionary. That is, air-free and puncture-proof. In short, tire checks would no longer be necessary.

The prototype in question is called Uptis and in these hours, days, months and years, Michelin will work on it to make it more and more real. This is also evident from the fact that the French company is conducting tests in collaboration with General Motors; the car chosen is the Chevrolet Bolt. Such a tire should really fundamentally change the tire industry due to its unique characteristics. But the future is future and in the present, like it or not, it is better to focus on actions and tangible things.

Tires, from tire changes to inflation kits: what is the best solution

It can happen, even if logically no one ever wishes it, that a tire can deflate while we are traveling. There are some drivers who manage to change it, but the substantial problem is that the so-called fifth wheel it is found less and less, especially in brand new cars. The reason? Today there are other cheaper solutions.

This addition is a considerable cost for a manufacturer, and in fact many have decided not to add it anymore in favor of more space in the trunk. And then, however, it often happened that this rubber was not used. And if the average change is every 100 thousand kilometers, in time of need the spare wheel could be old and no longer useful.

Okay, but then how do we change a tire? Another valid solution can be the wheel. This has the sole purpose of being mounted just to reach a specialist and solve the damage that has already occurred. Then, since it is an emergency, you will have to change the other tire as well (by law at least two tires per axle must be the same).

Car tires, here are the best solutions (Web source) August 9, 2022 quattromania.it
Car tires, here are the best solutions (Web source)

There is another alternative: the inflation kit. To have one, you just need a compressor and a specific spray can. The latter is characterized by a rubbery substance which, upon contact with the tire, blocks the hole without letting more air pass. In this way, we can inflate the wheel. However, this too is an emergency solution. Moreover, with serious damage to the rubber it does not work at all. We could therefore say that the wheel is the best solution at present.

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