What is the future like after Bernard Arnault

He raised her in his image as a competitor. In Tripitaka, Piano, Tennis, Mathematics. But with one thought in mind. Make one of them the future boss of the group. “We must recognize that Bernard Arnault, unlike many of his counterparts in the CAC40 that he happened especially concerned about his children”says Alain Mink, who knows most of the families that make up French capitalism.

They are five: Delphine and Antoine (born in 1975 and 1977), from the first marriage, and Alexandre, Frédéric and Jeanne (born in 1992, 1995 and 1998), from the second marriage. “This story of succession is like Gambetta’s phrase about Alsace-Lorraine: ‘Always think about it, never talk about it'”says an expert at LVMH, who is also worried “Most Unmanifest”, “If I ask Bernard for permission to speak to you, he will refuse.And, besides, on such a subject, I would be shouted at.”Adds a family source. “Bernard will live another fifty yearsYearShe asks to stop this slippery discussion. He plays tennis every week, he is in good shape.point. ,

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In the case of tennis, this is true. His children even “offered” him a set against his idol, Roger Federer, and he managed to win a game over the former world No. 1 and, for once, lost with a smile: 6 – 1. Several sources confirm that Bernard Arnault “arrangedIf “ and must have designated a “regent” before a notary. The name of his friend Thierry Breton has also been cited as a possible “transition pope” in case of misfortune… “Jean-Luc Lagardere was one of his best friends, and he didn’t expect anything. Trust Bernard Arnault in matters of succession, don’t follow the bad example of Jean-Luc”Assigns to one of his common acquaintances.

“Alexandre and Frederick, to look closely”

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