What is the meaning of the song title “Hayamizu Hana” that Lau Alejandro addressed to Rosala?

  • music Rau Alejandro bids farewell to Rosala in 5-minute song: ‘I will do many things, but I will never be unfaithful’
  • song Hayami Hana, Lau Alejandro’s Farewell Song to Rosala Lyrics and Audio

Some of the best songs in the music industry have a stamp, Feelings of broken heart or end of relationship. One of the last book lawsuits to find itself in this situation was single of Shakira what he has dedicated picket.

This also applies if Lau Alejandro in his song Hana Hayami.single it It was launched to the market without notice through his Instagram account this Thursday. And it represents his farewell song Rosala.

Puerto Rican Singer’s Followers Think About This Song Hana Hayami As a singer, De Lau Alejandro reveals his heart and feelings in the face of rumors of marital infidelity. “And from Los Angeles, I knew it/She’s my motomami/What happens next, I don’t know/But I know the Grammy’s are for you, hey ! “

Only time will tell if this song will go down in history or be forgotten.

What is the meaning of the song “Hayami Hana” by Lau Alejandro?

he title Lau Alejandro’s song gave his most unconditional fans some first hints About the final point of this intermediary relationship between the two artists.

In other words, “Hayami” and “Hana” are Two Japanese words that mean “wonderfully beautiful, unique and quirky girl” and “flower”. In fact, flowers are drawn in the video of the single released on YouTube.

For all these Hana Hayami It can refer to someone who is “unique and beautiful like a flower and hard to find.”

full letter of Hana Hayamisong by Lau Alejandro

I may never speak again

and my favorite eyes don’t see me anymore

I do this for when I want to remember

A crazy person who really loved you.

and i ain’t gonna force myself

i won’t go before

Everybody knows I’m gonna cry here, I’ll miss you

yes there’s nothing to hide here

But there are some things I want off my chest.

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

they know that…

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

they know that…

we have been discussing

difficult to express yourself

All my faults you already know,

i have to put up with you too

But the option of eliminating myself never crossed my mind.

And what a pity that the couple no longer lasts.

A little longer lasting, less old people

Let them teach you their little tricks.

how can i see

All life dawns with you.

And mama, there is no answer for this

But I wanted your qualities and flaws in equal measure.

Everything gets harder as time goes on

However, not everyone is ready for this.

And I don’t blame you, the life we ​​lead isn’t good for anyone, the pressure of the press, networks, groups, being far away is harder, being together is easier ,

We work around the clock, but to what extent…

in our little field,

worth more than all money and fame,

wake up and see you next to me

They don’t want to get out of bed.

Hey, all my songs are for you since Aphrodisako.

Everyone knows it, it’s irrelevant,

It’s so that she doesn’t feel lonely as she sleeps in my arms.

I don’t know how to stop thinking about my last hug,

And if I had known what would happen in the end, I wouldn’t have let go.

Maybe now you were by my side

Lie in bed and watch movies

But this summer had to be like the sun, back in the day…

I’m different, but I’m never dishonest

she always had the key to my cell

This was beyond my power,

my glass girl, my paper boat

Since you disarmed, I tried to fix you,

I was there when you left me far away

I’m not here right now, but I want you to know

you are stronger than you think

And I hope someday we can laugh at the past

No grudges here, this is not an allegation

if he gave me the best days

That’s why I have your name tattooed on my stomach…

you and i will do it too

If you want to come again, please complete the little house.

I will stop writing to you today.

what you don’t want,

How can I forget your kiss after a nap…

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

they know that…

everyone knows

everyone knows

everyone knows

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