What is the “pinball effect”: the trap of the Rosatellum

The so-called pinball effect is a thought able to accompany the party secretariats during the composition of the lists. Political leaders who want the certainty of being able to control the armored nature of a seat should consider this possibility: an unexpected rebound, a kind of dependent variable that can upset some plans. Of course: something can escape, perhaps more than something, even to the most prepared. Professor Alfonso Celotto, constitutionalist and professor of Constitutional Law, explains what the phenomenon in question consists of: «The pinball effect – he explains to the Giornale – is one of the detailed aspects of the Rosatellum. As we know, the heart of the law is the uninominal. Then, however, there is also the proportional, with respect to which we must take into account the famous price lists, those blocked by two to four people. What can happen? That one of these lists – he notes – does not cover the number of elected candidates based on the number of votes obtained. If the list is not sufficient to cover the expected number of elected representatives, the seats are assigned in the neighboring colleges. A phenomenon that happened with the M5S ». And again: «And there were also several appeals. Net of everything – concludes Celotto -, I want to say that Italy would need a simple electoral law, as was the pure proportional one ». The debate on the electoral law – as we know, has affected the final phase of the legislature, which however ends with the resignation of the Draghi government. The possibility that the pinball effect triggers mainly concerns the Chamber of Deputies but it can affect, although not in the same way, the Senate, where – as explained by YouTrend – the pinball effect can intervene for constituencies that provide multi-member constituencies. It is not easy to calculate how many and what effects the pinball effect will have on the upcoming political elections. Salvatore Vassallo, president of the Cattaneo Institute and professor of Political Science, makes a prediction seasoned with a premise: «It must be said that the pinball effect – he begins – is not a bastard of those who wrote the law. It is inevitable to reconcile on the one hand the proportional distribution of seats between the lists on a national (Chamber) or regional (Senate) basis and on the other hand the assignment of a number of representatives to each territory proportional to the population ». And again: “In the end, in the event of a conflict, the law must say which of the two principles must prevail and Rosato makes the principle of proportionality between the lists prevail”. Then Vassallo also explains the mechanism, with lots of other aspects: “If, after distributing the seats proportionally among the lists within each plurinominal constituency, we realize that, in total, a party has obtained more than it should, we he must take away from those colleges in which he had taken them by paying them with fewer votes, to give them to the parties that, in the first instance, had taken less than they should. If the exchange cannot be made within the same constituency – he pointed out -, one must go to others, even by altering the number of seats assigned to each territory ». But what will the actual weight be on these elections? “This – he notes – makes the assignment of some seats unpredictable and bizarre, creates understandable neurosis among those directly involved, but it is inevitable, if the proportionality of the system is to be maintained, and the political effects, to be honest, are marginal”. So the pinball effect will not upset the result of the electoral appointment on 25 September but will ensure that some “interested parties” have to wait before knowing the future of his political path.

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