What is the Polypill and why it saves your life, this is how this innovative therapy works

The Polypill, although the name seems to refer to some magical potion, is a very effective treatment approach, which saves many lives.

We are under the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. That’s what the Polypill is, one therapy capable of reducing the risk of relapsesand what other benefits it can offer.

the Polypill

Today we know that cardiovascular disease affects more and more people. Men and women, even at a young age, and also with different incidence. We are talking about strokes, ischemic or cardiac, and heart attacks. These very serious events can be fatal. But also those who survive risk permanent disabilities.

There are many indications issued by the Ministry of Health and other bodies in charge that they teach us how to prevent cardiovascular disease. Certainly their onset is due to numerous factors, starting from genetic or familiar ones. But we know that By adopting a healthy lifestyle, we greatly reduce the chances of events such as strokes and heart attacks.

But that is not all: according to the latest statistics, one in 5 patients suffering from a heart attack experiences another event on average within the following year. This is a fact that has prompted researchers to look for the reasons, and above all a remedy.

Unfortunately, after a heart attack, many people are unable to follow the therapy continuously. But more than anything else they continue to adopt behaviors that are harmful to health. For example about a quarter of the subjects continue to smoke; almost 40% of them do not change their diet and remains on the threshold of obesity; in the end, more than half do not start or start exercising again. Finally, many subjects find themselves with many medications to takeand fail to follow the therapies perfectly.

What is the Polypill and why it saves your life, this is how this innovative therapy works

From a context such as the one described above, it is clear that we are still a long way from managing all patients who have had a serious event such as stroke or heart attack in the best possible way. However, there is excellent news regarding a drug, which offers excellent protection of individuals at risk of recidivism.

Let’s talk about the Polypilla tablet that reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 30%. This is also revealed by a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The composition of the Polypill is based on Aspirin, Ramipril (an ACE inhibitor) and Atorvastatin (statins). This mix greatly improves the life expectancy of patients, precisely because helps reduce the occurrence of further events.

From the official site of the Veronesi Foundation we can deepen this issue. also finding the statements of Professor Furio ColivicchiDirector of the Complex Operative Unit of Clinical and Rehabilitative Cardiology of the S. Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome.

Indeed the advantage of the Polypill lies in the fact that it contains all the therapies in one and patients are able to take it better. Taking too many pills, perhaps delayed during the day, is not easy for patients, who get discouraged and quit, or simply get confused. With the Polypill the response of the subjects is better and therefore also the therapy offers more protection from recurrent events of heart attack and stroke.

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Finally, there is no lack of economic advantages. The National Health Systemthanks to the conception of the single therapy, it can contain costs. In fact, when AIFA approves a polypill containing several active ingredients, the final cost of the drug is less than the sum of the costs of the various active ingredients.

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