What is the real key to being happy?

In a world like ours, which is increasingly focused on personal and professional success, and on individualism, psychiatrist and Harvard professor, Robert Waldingerreminds us of the true keys to living a happy and fulfilling life: Social ties and relationships.

Robert Waldinger, the new hero of better connected Of telephoneBased on the findings of the largest study on happiness, and tells us how social relationships should be and how they positively affect our lives.

consistent with the conviction of the importance of the purpose of telephonecompany studied ‘Importance of human relations’, which confirms the evidence of the study led by Robert Waldinger. has been highlighted Personal relationships are the main source of well-being and happiness, Because thanks to them we meet human needs related to our physical and psychological well-being. Therefore, relationship is of true importance, because without it there is no relationship, and hence, we lose access to the main source of our happiness.

find happiness through social relationships

Having social connections and human connections can have a huge impact on our emotional well-being. Robert Waldinger Affirms that there are several important points that will allow us to be happy:

  • don’t ignore your friends

Having authentic and meaningful relationships will help us feel happy. To do this, Waldinger emphasizes spending quality time with our closest circle. Friends are people who give you emotional support and provide different perspectives that will help you move forward, so it’s important to take care of them.

Participating in various social activities can be a good opportunity to meet people who share the same interests as us. Any option is valid, voluntarily for the hobby. Waldinger explains that belonging to a group helps with good self-esteem and gives us a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

  • be yourself and feel safe

As the psychotherapist points out, it is very important to be yourself and accept your features, appreciate who we really are. Waldinger proposes learning to set healthy boundaries, so that we respect and honor the way we are and our values, and become more confident individuals.

A Harvard professor found during his study that if we want to be happy, it is very important to change our attitude towards change. Accepting changes is something vital to being able to reach the happiness we seek.

Instead of seeing change as something negative, we should see it as an opportunity to grow and learn. Furthermore, we must accept that everyone changes and know how to accept the changes in our family or friends.

What is better connected?

Mejor Conectados is a Telefónica initiative that seeks to uncover talent and inspire relationships between people so that they feel empowered to achieve goals and objectives. It is through inspiring stories that perfectly portray the idea of “When we connect, we are capable of doing incredible things”which is the universal truth on which to build better connected.

The purpose of Mejor Conectados is none other than Value the power of human connection: “We want to make our world more human by connecting people’s lives”, affirms Telefónica President José María Álvarez-Palet.

“At Telefónica, we believe in a more humane world. A world that runs on the talents of people. That’s why we support talent the way we know best: adding to it. Mejor Conectados wants to be a place to be inspired, to meet, connect and achieve incredible things”, explains Rafael Fernández de Alarcon, Director of Global Marketing at Telefónica.

Within the forum we can find two sections. the first of them ‘get inspired’, where we find stories that show We can accomplish incredible things by connecting with others. Among the participating characters we find Rafael Nadal, Ferran Adria, Teresa Perales, Javier Gómez Noya, Nacho Azofra or Keita Balde.

On the other hand, we can find ‘Learn’which is a series of small ‘Master Class’ In which great personalities such as Molo Cebrian, Marta Gilart, Gemita, Iñaki Gabilondo, Toni Nadal, María Zabala, Rafa Nadal or Amaia Valdemoro present in the first person, Advice and reflections that can serve as inspiration and learning.

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