What is the theme of the Kanal D series Dilek Tasi and who are the actors?

news Television Actors and themes of the Dilectassi TV series: What is the theme of the Kanal D TV series Dilectassi and who are the actors?


Cain Sinan writes the script for the TV series Wishing Stone, with Altan Dönmez in the director’s chair. The plot and cast of Wish Stone are being hunted down and will enthrall the audience with a dramatic tale set in the 1980s tonight, 7th September. Here are the actors and subjects of Canal D’s new series, Wish Stone…


Theme of the Wishing Stone series

Aras Rona and Ruchan Rona, who take part in the story that begins in 1987, are members of a very wealthy family. Feigen Kutlu lives with her family in the mansion of the Rona family.

Mustafa, who is on trial for the death penalty, is a man in his thirties trying to survive in the slums of Istanbul with his wife Kanan and daughter Semre. His wife Kanan is in the grip of an incurable disease. Immediate surgery is needed for his recovery. Mustafa, on the other hand, doesn’t know how to find the money.


The factory where he works is closed for a long time due to the lockout. But Mustafa must somehow raise the money for the surgery. Till that day Mustafa did not bow down to anyone and lived for his honour. But now he has no choice but to ask for help. He sets out to find Yakup Bey, the factory’s owner, and demand his wages owed for months. He will take the money and get his wife operated. However, what happened that day would radically change the whole life of Mustafa and his daughter Semre.

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