what is this crazy (but hilarious) story that is shaking up social networks? –Grazia

The anecdote, as crazy and twisted as it may seem, continues to be talked about on social networks, and in particular on Tiktok: in a video published on his profile this September 2, Lex, a young woman who lives in New York, warned users following the mishap that happened to her during a date that was, to say the least, funny.

And for good reason: after meeting a man named Josh on Tinder and inviting him to her house twice, he disappeared from her life, messages and phone number blocked, stealing her pair of Tabi Margiela in the process… A fashion drama (for all those who know how expensive and difficult these iconic camel toe shoes of the Belgian fashion house are to obtain) and personal for the victim (whose shoes had been given by his now deceased father ), but not only.

@nextlevellexuss Girls and gays of TikTok please get to work 😭 #nycdating #tinderhorrorstories #hingedating #margielatabis #nyc#greenscreen ♬ bad idea right? –Olivia Rodrigo

Indeed, as she then explains in her following videos, in addition to being totally illegal and relatively creepy, this offense was perfectly calculated and included shadowing, stalking and infidelities. A real conspiracy with one and only goal, as creepy, superfluous and unreal as it seems to be: to steal the pair of Tabi by Lex.

“Tabi Swiper”: from the date to the hold-up… The fashion story that fascinates and amuses Tiktok

The rest of the story is not to disappoint us. After recounting her misadventure in this Tiktok video, Lex was contacted by many users who knew the identity of the culprit and revealed a surprising detail about her: not proud of having stolen a pair of shoes from 1 000 euros, the perpetrator would have offered this coveted pair… to his long-time girlfriend, who wears the said shoes in many of his new Instagram posts. Falling from the clouds, Lex would then have contacted Josh, now nicknamed the “ Tabi Swiper » on Tiktok, presenting him with a fait accompli (the photos of his girlfriend, shoes stolen from her feet) and asking him to return them immediately… What he did a few days later, admitting to having “been caught”.

@nextlevellexuss The procurement of the tabis. The chuckling and shrug is very 👹 #nycdating #tabigirl #tabigate #nyc ♬ original sound – Lex

If today all is well that ends well (except perhaps for the cheated girlfriend and without Tabi) a few questions remain: a genius marketing move by Margiela or Hinge – to overshadow the competition – or true absolutely absurd misadventure… One thing is certain: the buzz is there. The proof ? Today, the hashtag #margielatabis has more than 54 million views and the same ones about famous shoes continue to pop up on various social networks. The moral of this crazy story that has kept us in suspense these last four days? Don’t date just anyone, but above all put your Tabi away.

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