what it is and how to use it to know if you get paid or refunded

we will explain What is the 2021 Income Simulator and how does it work?, which, like every year, will let you know if the declaration leaves you to pay or to return. The campaign is called Renta 2021 because it corresponds to that fiscal year, although it is the one that we have to present during this 2022. The campaign officially begins on April 6, but this is a tool that already helps you to prepare yourself and then everything is faster.

We are going to start the article by briefly explaining what this simulator is, so that you can understand what to expect from him and do not confuse it with a more important process than it is. And then, we will explain how to access and use it, although later exploring it and filling it in will depend on you.

what is the simulator

One of the big questions when it comes time to make the income statement is whether it will be paid or refunded. This is something that we do not usually know until we make the declaration, but with this simulator you will be able to write your data and know a final result for what awaits you when the time comes.

It is a non-binding simulator, which means that it does not affect the draft. Come on, it’s a kind of blackboard on the bench so you can do all the tests you want, which will allow you to write both your data and those of other people to know the results they will have.

You should also know that you will not need to identify yourself as a person within the simulator, you will not need the digital certificate or any other method. This eases the process and opens it up for anyone to use for their queries, but it also means that The data that the Treasury has about you will not be extractedand you’re going to have to write it all by hand.

Finally, you have to know that it is not mandatory to use the simulator, and that it is not part of the process or the necessary consultations before making the declaration. Come on, it is not as important as reviewing your tax data, but it is a tool that you have available just in case you need it, if you want to practice, or if you are doubting something in the declaration and want to see how it affects the final result. . The process of requesting the draft that will be available from April 6 will be much simpler.

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How to use the 2021 Income simulator

web simulator

To access the simulator, you have to go to the Income 2021 campaign website of the Tax Agency, whose URL is headquarters.agenciatributaria.gob.es/Sede/Renta.html. This page will show you the procedures that are available to carry out during this campaign. Inside the web, click on the option Rent Web Open Simulator what’s in the section Help.

new statement

When you enter the simulator, a pop-up window will first appear where you will be able to load any simulation you have saved to apply its data to the simulator. This is in case you use the simulator and want to save it to come back to later. If you don’t have it, click on the button new statement that appears in the window.

Personal information

Once you open the process of simulating a new declaration, the first thing you will see is the identification data page. In it, you have to write your personal data, those of your spouse in the case of being married, and those of your children or disabled elderly people in your care if you have them. When you have it filled out, you must click on the button To accept that you have at the bottom.

Data to fill

This will take you to the draft page. In it, you will see that all the data of your declaration is blank. In the event that you have put that you are married, you will have two types of results, those of the joint declaration and the individual ones of each one. Click on any of the numbers that appear here to go on to fill in your data.

Fill out

When you click on any of the numbers, you will go to the page where you will be able to fill in your tax information. Many sections will fill themselves with pre-established mathematical formulas, but the sections that you must fill in manually they will appear with a pencil icon. At the top, as you can see, you will see the number of pages of the declaration and the sections.

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In this process, you can go forward and validate pages, and enter all the data of the declaration. Above, you will also have the options of Validate and Keepand if you save them you can reopen it later whenever you want with the load option at the beginning.

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