What it is, how it works, what it can do and how to use this new AI model in Mexico

Google chatbot originally named Bard, It has now been renamed Gemini, But it didn’t just change the name, it also made important improvements to its artificial intelligence model, which Google says is the most advanced yet. Here we tell you what Google Gemini is and how to use this artificial intelligence.

What is Google Gemini and what this AI can do

Gemini is a new artificial intelligence model created by Google that is intended to be the successor to PaLM, the AI ​​model used by Bard.The main difference from its predecessor is that The answer is much betterwhich makes it a multimodal model, that is, it can understand multiple types of information such as text, images, audio, and even programming code.

In order to perform all the functions offered by Gemini, these AI models are trained on large amounts of data, so the AI ​​can better understand the queries posed by the users, and, Make reactions more natural.

How to use Google Gemini

To start using this AI, you must have a Google account, You can then visit the Google Gemini website and log in. You can access Gemini from PC and smartphones without any problem.

Once inside, you’ll notice that it’s very similar to other AI chatbots.So you can ask him for it any type of information Reply to you, but you can also use Gemini to compose emails, ask for advice, create texts, and more. Actually, You can even use images to search for content.

Another way to use Gemini is new application Developed specifically for Android.Currently, the app is only officially available in the US, but you can install it now app Try Gemini if ​​you want.

To try this feature, you just need to download the APK and install it manually by activating unknown sources on your smartphone.Of course, the availability of services in the application will depend on the region, so it is likely that Currently unavailable.

Ready, it’s that easy to use Google Gemini In Mexico. In addition, Google has other versions of Gemini called Gemini Nano and Gemini Ultra. This latest version is also available in Mexico, but you have to pay 395 pesos per month to use it through the Google One plan.

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