What should be the name of his child?

Happiness lit up on Monday 28 August as Virginie Efira happily welcomed a precious new member to her family. The first name remains a mystery!

Together with her partner Niels Schneider, the father, the actress enjoys this magical moment for the first time. The details have been provided by Closer magazine which features him on the cover of their latest edition.
She must have given birth to the child by caesarean section.

According to information from Closer, which has revealed some photos, including those taken in front of the clinic, the actress will have an appointment at a Paris clinic on August 28 to give birth to her second child.
“In order not to take unnecessary risks”, the attractive actress, “whose late pregnancy was heavily medically monitored, opted for a caesarean section”.

Upon his arrival at the establishment, Niels Schneider, who has shared his life for five years, was clearly a pillar during this great moment, “both happy and tense about becoming a father for the first time”.
Actress Relax is seen in the pictures released.
“The two partners, radiating a very special aura, thus enter a new chapter in their history together”, it indicated.

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