What should I do if they audit my purchase receipt?

Costco and Sam’s Club: What should I do if they audit my purchase receipt?

In recent weeks, several cases of resale of different products from Costco stores have gone viral, but have you ever encountered such a situation? purchase receipt? This happens even in other supermarkets such as Sam’s Club, which is why today we will show you what you can do according to the regulations of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco).

Why do Costco and Sam’s Club require you to show your purchase receipt?

According to the website, the main reason you should show your purchase receipt at Costco is to make sure you’re charged correctly.

“In accordance with our rules, our members allow us to check the quantity of items purchased before leaving the store,” a page dedicated to member services reveals.

In this regard, the Sam’s Club website does not explain why purchase receipts are reviewed.

What actions does Profeco recommend consumers take?

Profeco in 2021 is asking stores that require purchase receipts to be shown to consumers to stop the practice, as it causes unreasonable annoyance, and its measures do not only apply to stores belonging to the National Association of Department Stores (ANTAD).

The agency disclosed that this conduct violated Section 10 of the Federal Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits suppliers of goods or services from taking actions that impair freedom, security, or personal integrity. the behavior of. Use the registration process as an excuse at your peril.

“Business practices in various self-service and department stores include checking the purchase receipt (“ticket”) before leaving the store, comparing it with the product purchased by the consumer,” mentioned during a meeting with ANTAD.

In addition, this behavior is also configured as an unjustified nuisance behavior, because by paying the supplier for the product, the consumer obtains ownership of the product and thus obtains the corresponding purchase certificate.

The Attorney General’s Office asked ANTAD that in any case, suppliers should strengthen consumer orientation mechanisms, employee training and controls over collections and products sold to avoid unreasonable inconvenience to customers.

To report this conduct, consumers may choose to contact the consumer telephone number at 55 5568 8722 or toll-free 800 468 8722, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10:00 am to 6:00 pm You can also send an email to:

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