What the marathon left behind for him and the posture of the merengue dancer


After having a wonderful semester marathonhe Defender Andre Orellana return to olympia After a year on loan at San Pedro Sula.

Although the Purslane team attempts to extend the term of its loan Ends 2024The team has selected the return of one of their fastest growing players for the future, so at age 21, he will have a chance to compete for first-team ownership.

The youngster from Progreso begins preseason this week and is the only player signed up for the 2024 Spring League by the three-time champion. Pedro Troglio He made his first appearance in the first period.

Troglio after his arrival in Honduras: Possible signings, response to Diego Vázquez and Darts departure from Olimpia

what he said

Return to Olympia

I am very happy, very excited and looking forward to working with the teachers and the start of the competition.

How much has changed from the Andre who left a year ago to the Andre who returns now?

This year I have grown significantly in many aspects of my life, not just in football, but personally. As far as football is concerned, everyone notices it, but the personal aspect stands out more.

How was your marathon experience?

It has been a great journey and an important learning experience for one of the great clubs like Marathon, always fighting for first place and championships. I met great people in San Pedro Sula and now I’m willing to obey the coach’s orders.

How does it feel to have Solomon Nazar as coach?

Professor Nazar is a great technician and person. In football, he gave me important experience and he was fundamental in every game, both on the field and mentally. Good luck.

How does it feel to be reunited with your teammates at Olympia?

I’ve had a great relationship with them since the reserves and now that I’m back, experienced players like Jerry (Benston) and (Brayon) Beckles talk to me and they tell me that I There are conditions, and I’m a condition player. Significant growth so they feel comfortable being part of the team.

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Which players are closer to you?

Edwin Rodriguez, Jerry and Menjivar are all important.

Now that you are back, you have been selected for the U-22 national team along with Julian Martinez.

The minutes Julian has played since his arrival at Olimpia are significant, not to mention the games he has played and he is one of the best players in the tournament. In the national team, we lived together, talked a lot, and we had a good relationship with him and other teammates.

What is your goal for this competition?

My goal is to get 38, to reach a historic score. The team said it always wins and “Olympia beats Olympia.” I hope I don’t disappoint you.

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