what they are and how they work

In 2020, the government introduced shopping vouchers for families and citizens in difficult economic conditions. Let’s see together how they work and what are the necessary requirements to be able to use them.

THE 2021 shopping vouchers have been renewed since Sostegni bis decreeconverted by law no. 106 of 23 July 2021. The provision also introduced some changes in this regard: the speed of payments and it will also be possible to take advantage of the vouchers for pay bills and rentstherefore no longer only for basic necessities.

Shopping vouchers 2022: what they are, requirements and amounts


The Government introduced i good expense in 2020 as economic aid to help those families and citizens who are in conditions of economic hardship. Coupons are for buy groceries and basic necessities, and are provided directly by the Municipality; in fact, the requisites necessary to be able to use it vary according to the local authority of reference.

However, i requirements that are generally taken into consideration are:

  • residence in the Municipality;
  • type of family unit (number of people, number of children);
  • real estate situation (house with mortgage, rent, homeless);
  • availability of money in the current account;
  • income of family members;
  • work condition;
  • Family ISEE;
  • perceived public economic interventions.

The voucher amount has a average value of 300 euros, however it can vary from around 100/200 euros up to 500/600 euros. THE higher bonuses they are generally assigned to larger families.

Shopping vouchers: the news of the Sostegni bis decree


The reform of the delivery system of the shopping vouchers introduced by Sostegni bis decreelater converted into law, he brought one with him greater speed in the distribution of vouchers.

A fund was also set up by 500 million eurosdistributed to municipalities in the following ways:

  • a share equal to 50% of the total – therefore 250 million euros – to be divided in proportion to the resident population of each municipality;
  • the other 50% is divided on the basis of the distance between the value of the per capita income of each municipality and the national average value, weighted for the respective population;
  • the contribution for each municipality cannot be less than 600 euros.

Vouchers can be paid out in two distinct ways:

  • in the form of voucher usable for the purchase of foodstuffs at the commercial establishments contained in a list that each Municipality must publish on its institutional website;
  • food or basic necessities.

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