What to do in the province of Alessandria. The events of Saturday 6 August

What to do in the province of Alessandria.  The events of Saturday 6 August


PROVINCE OF ALEXANDRIA – Until Tuesday 9 August, music, entertainment and good food at the Patronal Festival of Felizzano. Every evening, from 19.30you can dine in piazza Paolo Ercole choosing from tasty dishes prepared by the restaurateurs of Felizzano. On the menu the appetizers of Sorsi and Morsi which include vegetable flan, sausage and stracchino crostoni and seafood salad (Gabry Pesce). Torre di Felizzano will then prepare agnolotti De.Co. and spring tagliatelle and among the second courses you can choose between the grilled meat from the Butcher Valentina, the mixed fried fish from the Pescheria Gabry, the raw meat beaten with a knife from the Macelleria Canobbio. The Maranzana supermarket will make dinner sweeter by preparing cheese cake, tiramisu and lemon delight. In addition to good food, at the Felizzano Patronal Festival there will be no lack of music and entertainment. This Saturday 6th August Festa Music Party with Dj’s Show.


Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August a Garden, fraction of Castelletto Monferrato, back to the Festival of the Shin. From 7.30 pm the covered food stand will open in the green area “Geom. Franco Ricaldone ”where you can taste fish and meat specialties and of course, the pork shank. After dinner we dance. Saturday 6 August with the Michel Capuano orchestra and Sunday 7 August dancing evening with “La Tarantina”.

TO Rocca Grimalda the “Festival of Ravioli and Mixed Boiled Meat “. Every evening from 7.30 pm the indoor restaurant will offer a rich menu based on ravioli, boiled meat and grilled meat. This Saturday we dance with Giorgio Villani.

From this Saturday to Monday 8 August a Cassinelle is held there New Fair of the Fat Ox. Every evening, from 7 pm, rich menu based on ravioli, pansotti, grilled, boiled meat and much more. Tonight we dance with Farinelli Group.

TO Castelspina the tenth edition of the Festival of pasta and beans and mixed boiled meat. You can taste delicious appetizers including the creamed cod with polenta, the tongue in sauce and the caponata. There will be agnolotti in three versions: with stew sauce, butter and sage and wine and of course pasta and beans alla Castelspinese. To complete the menu, the inevitable mixed boiled meat served with its small baths. Every evening, then, tasty mojitos at the Caribbean bar. This Saturday we dance with the “I Mambo” orchestra.

Wine, food and music at “Gavi Under the Fort “. In Piazza Dante Alighieri this Saturday and also Sunday there will be two food and wine and dance evenings during which you can taste the traditional dishes of the place such as risotto al Gavi, fried anchovies, Gavi ravioli, amaretti and much more. The party will also involve the streets of Gavi with the shops open until late in the evening.

Good food and fun a “Treville in Festa“. In the evening, from 7.30 pm, dinner is served with an à la carte menu with meat and fish specialties prepared by the Asiglianese Folklore Committee. From 9.30 pm dancing evening with Pinuccia Cerri Band.

TO Rivalta Bormida the 15th is scheduled Zucchini Festival, dedicated to the Rivaltese specialty with a tasting menu entirely based on zucchini. This Saturday we have dinner in the square, for the occasion, transformed into a vegetable garden.

Beer festival to Caldirola. From 6 pm you can enjoy first courses, grills and desserts and then have fun with the music of “02 Music Events”.

A few kilometers from the province of Alessandria, a Campo Ligurethe 24th edition of the Wild boar festival, organized by the local Committee of the Italian Red Cross. Inside the sports hall, in via Don Mario Badino, you can taste dishes based on wild boar: ravioli, stew, polenta and much more, all with meat from certified farms. During the evenings from the music festival in the village of Campo Ligure.

TO Quarryman this Saturday the event “Mysterious towers and shooting stars“. From 6 pm along the streets of the village you will find stalls with artistic handicraft products and from 7 pm it will be possible to attend itinerant fights with the Compagnia della Forca. Guided tours of the Cavatore tower will be held from 6.30 pm to 8 pm and from 8 pm in the refreshment points along the town the tasting of medieval dishes will begin. Musical entertainment will be entrusted to the folk group Tre Martelli. A chat with the amateurs will close the evening.

TO Novi Ligure until Sunday the traditional “August Fair “ with the stalls in viale Saffi. Also on the days of the fair, the third edition of Novi Gelato in celebration. The ice cream parlors will offer a range of special flavors and among the novelties of this year there will be the special taste dedicated to the typical products of the Novese District.

The widespread festival Classic Monferrato signed by Maestro Alex Leon and supported by the HER Association, leads to Casale Monferrato the Quartet of Cremona. The chamber ensemble, at 9 pm, will perform at Palazzo Langosco. In the program of pieces by Puccini, Crisantemi Elegia for String Quartet; Giuseppe Verdi Quartet in E minor and Franz Schubert Quartet in D minor – Death and the girl. The cost of the ticket is 20 euros, including a tasting of wine and Monferrato products. For information and tickets contact the number: 339 408 3494.

To the Roman Theater of Acqui Termein via Scatilazzi, will be held on concert by the Diego Borotti Quartet, composed by Diego Borotti (tenor sax), Fabio Giachino (piano), Davide Liberti (double bass), Mattia Barbieri (drums). The concert will begin at 9 pm and is organized by Aido in collaboration with AJM and Antithesis of Acqui Terme with the contribution of CSVAA. The ticket costs 10 euros and can be booked at 329 536 7708 (in case of bad weather, the concert will still be held at the Sala Santa Maria in via Barone 3).

Until Sunday 7 August in the panoramic square of Ciocca a Cassine the 2022 edition of Indiependenza Festival. This Saturday, from 3 pm, exhibitions are scheduled in the Church of San Francesco, games, screenings, shows, concerts and DJ sets. For the entire duration of the event, the bar and restaurant will be active. Admissions: 10 euros per day, 25 euros three days.

For the review “CineOvada under the Stars“This Saturday, in the splendid setting of the Garden of the Music School of Ovada, in via San Paolo, from 9.30 pm, it will be possible to attend the screening of”Thor – Love and Thunder “ , new adventure of the God of Thunder starring Chris Hemsworth to uncover the mystery of the Vengeance of the Slaughterer of the Gods and stop him before it’s too late. Directed by Taika Waititi, the Marvel Studios film also stars Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Christian Bale, Taika Waititi. The ticket costs 7 euros, 5 euros for children up to 12 years.

As part of the “Voices of the Boschi Film Festival “ this Saturday in the square of the Church of Costa Vescovatoat 9.30 pm, the theatrical and musical show will be staged “I’m leaving for Americaa ”with Stefano Valla and Daniele Scurati. After the show, a multi-ethnic banquet with food from the world

Open air theater this evening a Garbagna. In the frame of the Rovelli Courtyard, in Piazza Principe Doria, at 9.15 pm the Compagnia al Bacio di Milano will stage the comedy “I am desperately looking for a wife!”. Admission to offer. Reservation via SMS or WhatsApp is required at no. 349 335 8295.

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