What to see this weekend on Prime Video as well as The Rings of Power between new content and expiring titles

If you don’t know that Friday is the day of the release of The Rings of Power, most likely you are not interested in the series. If you know, you will almost certainly watch the sixth episode regardless of our recommendations.

In any case, in addition to Rings of Power there is much more to see this weekend on Prime Video, looking at the new titles coming out and those that are about to be canceled.

Among the first, we first selected After 4, released Wednesday; and then Jungle, which is a series on the British rap scene; and then two profound and intense films like Shiraz: the city of roses And The Bleeder. Among the maturing securities, however, last chance to see Cafe room And Parents vs Influencersbut also for an international title like The Wife.

After 4 (film 2022) – release date 28 September

Tessa and Hardin’s relationship went through a lot of hardships. When the truth about their families emerged, they both found they were not as different as they thought. Tessa is no longer that sweet and good girl she used to be, and Hardin is no longer the cruel guy she fell in love with. But the secret she hides about her is so great that it makes her withdraw from everything. Even her soul mate.

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Jungle (Amazon Original TV series) – release date 29 September

Jungle follows the lives of strangers, each grappling with their own difficulties, connected and narrated through the lens of the British rap and drill music scene providing a perspective on an often hidden world. Often misunderstood, it is a world where there is only one rule: only the strongest survive. As the stories unfold, the characters come to the conclusion that for every action, however small, there is a consequence.

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Shiraz: City of Roses (2016 film) – release date 1 October

During the Iranian revolution of 1979, Isaac Amin, a wealthy gemologist of Jewish origin, is captured by the guards of the revolutionaries and imprisoned, only to be released, but not before suffering horrible torture. With Salma Hayek, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Adrien Brody.

The Bleeder (2017 film) – release date 1 October

It is the true story of Chuck Wepner, a boxer who became famous for fighting for the heavyweight title against Muhammed Ali. The meeting inspired Sylvester Stallone for the famous film Rocky. With Liev Schreiber, Elisabeth Moss, Ron Perlman

Camera Café (TV series, seasons 1, 3, 4) – deadline September 30th

The stories of the employees of a company are intertwined around the coffee machine. Brilliant fast-paced gags tied by a single red thread: any excuse is good not to work. With Luca and Paolo.

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Parents Vs Influencer (movie 2021) – deadline October 3

How hard is it today to be the single father of a teenager? Paolo (Fabio Volo), professor of philosophy, widower, raised his daughter Simone – French style – (Ginevra Francesconi) alone, with whom he has a wonderful relationship.

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The wife – living in the shadows (2018 film) – deadline 3 October

Behind every great man there is always a great woman. Too bad that she, very often, is forced to live in the shadows. For forty years, Joan Castleman sacrifices her talent and dreams by letting her husband, the charismatic Joe, take over the authorship of her works. Until in Stockholm, during the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature, something changes.

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