What to see this weekend on Prime Video between news and upcoming titles

In this first (but only for the calendar) summer weekend Prime Video shoots the fireworks, incoming and unfortunately also outgoing. Comedy is one of the upcoming films My Fake Boyfriendwhile expiring there is a cult title – in every sense – like Genesis Code. For the TV series, two new titles: the thriller Chloe – The Masks of Truth is the news of the week, but we start to warn you in time about a painful loss: Mad Menwhich will be deleted from the Prime Video catalog after July 2nd.

My fake boyfriend (Original film) – release date 24 June

Andrew (Keiynan Lonsdale) has a big problem: he can’t stay away from the toxic boyfriend who just dumped him. His nosy friends (Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland) decide to help him by creating “Cristiano”, a perfect fake social media boyfriend.

Problem solved, right? Wrong! As Cristiano goes viral and becomes world famous, in real life Andrew meets his dream boy, Rafi, a charming restaurant owner. Andrew will have to find a way to end the other fake story, escape the jealous ex and win Rafi’s heart in this fun and hilarious comedy about some of the crazy things we do for love.

Chloe – The Masks of Truth (Original series) – released June 24

Chloe follows Becky Green (Erin Doherty), who has long been observing Chloe Fairbourne (Poppy Gilbert) through her perfect social media images. Chloe’s enchanted life, adoring husband and successful circle of friends are always just a click away, and Becky can’t resist peeking into a world that contrasts so starkly with hers, where she cares for her mother, that has an early onset of dementia, in their small seaside apartment on the outskirts of Bristol, England. When Chloe suddenly dies, Becky takes on a new identity and infiltrates the enviable lives of Chloe’s closest friends to find out what happened to her.

Through her alter ego, Sasha, Becky becomes a powerful and transgressive heroine, a popular and well connected “someone” with life and loves that are far more exciting and compelling than the “nobody” who is like Becky. However, the fiction soon darkens and confuses reality and Becky risks getting completely lost in the game she is playing.

Chloe is a 6-episode, 60-minute series and is a co-production between BBC One, Mam Tor Productions and Amazon Studios. The series was created, written and directed by Alice Seabright, who is also its executive producer. Producer of the series is Joanna Crow (Giri / Haji) and the director of the second block is Amanda Boyle (Skins). Executive producers are Tally Garner (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell) and Morven Reid (Pure) for Mam Tor Productions and Ben Irving for the BBC.

The One that got away (reality series Original) – out June 24

The One That Got Away is a new reality series Original in 10 episodes. It may seem like an impossible feat to track down “The One That Got Away,” but for these lucky singles, that dream comes true. In this experimental dating series, presented by pop icon singer-songwriter Betty Who, six people in search of their soul mate have the chance to explore a life of lost connections one by one. People from their past enter through “The Portal” to surprise them and try to fall in love.
The One That Got Away is produced by Amazon Studios and Fulwell 73. Elan Gale (FBoy Island, The Bachelor franchise) is executive producer and showrunner. Gabe Turner (The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jonas Family Roast) and Caroline Roseman (Ex on the Beach, An Audience with Adele) are also executive producers for Fulwell 73.

Genesis Code (2010 film) – deadline June 29th

In the not too distant future, some 30 years after the last war, a man crosses in solitude the wasteland that was once America. Around him abandoned cities, broken highways, parched fields – the signs of catastrophic destruction. There is no civilization, no law. The streets are in the hands of gangs who would kill a man to take off his shoes, or for some water … With Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis.

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Mad Men (2007 TV series, seasons 1-7) – deadline July 2

It is 1960 and creative director Don Draper lays down the law at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency in New York in a world of glamor.

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