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After nearly two years of relative silence from the cast and production crew, “Arcane” has finally announced a release window for its second season. The acclaimed ‘League of Legends’ anime series was renewed for a second season in November, when the last batch of episodes had just wrapped, and since then production on the sequel to Vi and Jinx’s adventures has been ramping up. is continued behind the scenes. During the Video V Vision conference hosted by League’s parent company, Tencent, as reported by the LeagueofLeaks fan’s Twitter account, it was revealed that new episodes will be coming to Netflix in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Early Release Date

Although an exact date is not mentioned, it is speculated that the new season could arrive in November, which would coincide with the release of the first season of Arcane. It would also be convenient timing for League of Legends’ 15th anniversary event. A three-year delay between seasons is long, but not unexpected given the show’s outstanding animation quality. Earlier this year, Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent reaffirmed in an interview that the series is not rushing to return, stating that a 2023 release was not possible, in part because the team wanted to match the quality of Season 1, and they weren’t sure about the audience reaction, which delayed the start of Season 2. It’s also not as long a production period as the first season, which took six years to come to fruition.

Arcane is a League of Legends prequel that follows two of the game’s most recognizable champions, sisters Vi and Jinx, amidst a time of turmoil between the wealthy utopian city of Piltover and the dark, downtrodden side of Zaun. The divisions only deepen with the creation and spread of the magical Hextech in Piltover and the monstrous drug Shimmer in Zaun, and the two sisters eventually find themselves on opposite sides, with Vi allying herself with an unlikely ally. from Piltover’s office, Caitlyn, while Jinx remains in the custody of Zaun’s crime lord, Silco. The series was quickly hailed as one of the best video game-based series to ever air, even becoming the first streaming series to win an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Show and scooping the Annie Awards.

Who will be back for Arcane Season 2?

Plot details for season 2 are yet to be released, but some cast members are confirmed to return in the prequel-sequel. The stars will all remain in place, with Hailee Steinfeld reprising her role as Vi, Ella Purnell as Jinx, and Katie Leung as Caitlyn. It’s very likely that Reed Shannon as Ekko, Mick Wingert as Heimerdinger, Kevin Alejandro as Jayce, and Harry Lloyd as Viktor will also return. Jason Spisak shocked when he revealed he would once again lend his voice to Silco. The criminal died by Jinx’s hand in the climactic finale, so he’ll likely only appear in flashbacks or other people’s visions unless something crazy happens in Season 2. arrival of new champions as the release date approaches.

Co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee will both return to helm and produce under the Riot Games banner, while French animation studio Fortiche will continue to handle animation. All of Arcane Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix. Check out the official Season 2 announcement video from last year below.

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