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Hard back and forth a White paper between Guido Crosetto And Pier Luigi Bersani. The first, founder of Brothers of Italyhas no official roles in the party of Giorgia Meloni, premier in pectore of the next center-right government, but every toto-ministers with various, hypothetical roles are included. The second has been pulled out of Parliament and today plays the role of “noble father” of a ramshackle left to be refounded. On what and with what arguments, Bersani immediately makes it clear: “A government that takes office and swears on Anti-fascist constitution born from 25 April do you want to recognize April 25 as the French recognize April 14? I do not ask for verbal abjurations, we need an acknowledgment. “Also from the talk of Rai 3 and the electoral campaign now archived, in short, the key on which progressives continue to press is one and only one: Fascist Meloni.

Today I received a phone call and ...: Crosetto's bitter outburst, who wants to frame him

Crosetto’s reply is dry, to avoid misunderstandings (and exploitation): “The center-right will defend the Constitution, will respect democracy and the laws of the state. It is in the spirit of the right to respect the institutions. “Point and head. We can talk about real contents, programs and emergencies.” We will have a difficult winter – emphasizes Bersani -. It will take money: they can be obtained with debt, with amnesties or they can be picked up where they are with a criterion of solidarity and fairness. I await the right in front of this challenge “.

Let me tell you one thing.  Crosetto overturns everything on bills, Italy doomed?

A right that, continues the former secretary of Pd then passed with Article 1 and LeU, it is in some ways surprising him: “Meloni is approaching politically correct. We need to find money and we are not Germany. We are talking about extra-profits. Between Covid, war and energy there is a lot of people who made a lot of money now solidarity is needed“. Translated: patrimonial. Brilliant, however, at a time when the contraction in consumption could drag us into a disastrous recession. So much so. Crosetto’s response was not long in coming: “We must rediscover a sense of community when we face the greatest economic and social crisis since the postwar period. The government’s priority is to secure the country and also its poorest part “.

Viminale, a very heavy name: toto-ministers, those who put their hands on the decisive seats

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