What you don’t know about Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario might be considered a sex symbol now, but she told People she found it hard to get boys’ attention as a teenager, describing herself as a bit of a geek. This is why she didn’t care about the rumors that she was dating her “Baywatch” co-star Zac Efron. “The fact that people think I can have someone as hot as Zac Efron is great, I feel like I’m avenging all the high school kids who weren’t dating me,” she told Marie Claire Australia.

While that lifeguard love affair turned out to be nothing more than flattering speculation, Daddario would have been romantically involved with another co-star – fellow “Percy Jackson” actor Logan Lerman. For Just Jared, they were photographed together after Daddario’s birthday in 2015. However, their alleged relationship didn’t last.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Daddario talked about his difficulties with dating. “We all have bad and tumultuous relationships when we’re younger, and it’s harder to let go,” he said. “I had those relationships and you have to make those mistakes to find out what we really want.” She was so desperate to find love that she even tried her Tinder, but she confessed to Women’s Health that she found it a bit humiliating when other users figured out who she was. Giving up on the modern dating method turned out to be a smart move: when she finally met Mr. Right, it wasn’t through an app.

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