What’s going on with Smart Fit? Will Nuevo Leon gyms close?

gym chain smart fit mexico It was revealed that the facility is located in new lion It was only closed from 9pm on September 28th, but has already resumed normal activities on September 29th of this year.

smart fit mexican did not report the reason for the closure, but sent a statement informing customers that all stores were closed due to reasons beyond the brand’s control. Gym in new lion they would be temporary closed.

“We will comply with all instructions from the relevant authorities,” the company said in a statement.

Previously, information was circulating on social networks indicating that SmartFit would be closing its Nuevo Leon location, but it was not explicitly stated that the closure would be temporary.

For this reason, the company revealed this Friday that the facility in the aforementioned northern state will only be closed until September 28th.

“All Nuevo León units will reopen their doors at 6 a.m. the next day, Friday, September 29, and will be ready to welcome you back,” he said.

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Photo: Special

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