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Friday became International Record Release Day. And that’s why this (expected) day of the week was also chosen to host the What’s new?news section of Mad Sound.

We’ve gathered here the coolest albums that come out every Friday, whether national or international. Cool? So find out what’s new in the list below and then listen to our newest playlist – also available on Deezer.

Alexisonfire – otherness
For those who like: post-hardcore

CANDY – Heaven Is Here
For those who like: hardcore

Conan Gray – overcame
For those who like: pop

Goose – Dripfield
For those who like: indie

Jack Johnson – Meet The Moonlight
For those who like: acoustic pop, easy listening

For those who like: American rap

Machine Gun Kelly – mainstream sellout (life in pink deluxe)
For those who like: pop punk

Martin Courtney – Magic Sign
For those who like: rock, alternative rock

MULAMBA – It will only be in the air
For those who like: MPB, r&b

For those who like: indie pop

For those who like: progressive rock, psychedelic rock

Regina Specktor – Home, Before And After
For those who like: indie pop, alternative rock

Soccer Mommy – sometimes, forever
For those who like: indie, indie rock

Thunderbird – Small Minority Vandals
For those who like: Brazilian post-punk

Young Guv – GUV IV
For those who like: alternative music

Weezer – SZNZ: Summer
For those who like: rock, alternative rock

Zola Jesus – arkhon
For those who like: alternative music

IVD – Sometime / Human / Geist
For those who like: rock, post-punk

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