What’s next for BlackBerry? A new smartphone with a keyboard on the way, but there’s a catch

BlackBerry & hairsp; – & hairsp; terminals were dependent on the cloud for security reasons & hairsp; – & hairsp; When the company shut down its servers on January 4, 2022, the devices operating under BlackBerry OS lost their key functions. You can’t even make emergency calls anymore.

Many people ask themselves the question & hairsp; – & hairsp; what next with the Canadian brand?

BlackBerry is alive and well

Although BlackBerry has long left the consumer electronics market, it is still involved in broadly understood cybersecurity. The company has a proven track record of securing, for example, Microsoft’s online services or BMW autonomous cars. It also works with governments around the world.

The transformation into a software company has proved successful. The latest financial report shows that in the third quarter of 2021 BlackBerry generated 184 million dollars in revenuewhich is a result that many smartphone manufacturers would envy.

Not all BlackBerry smartphones are BlackBerry

Not everyone knows, but BlackBerry has not produced a single device since 2016. All Android smartphones and the BlackBerry logo that have hit the market since then, were created by other producers under license.

In 2016–2020, the company released its own smartphones under the BlackBerry brand TCL. It has such models as DTEK60 or Key2.

BlackBerry Key2 LE is - so far - the last smartphone with the logo of this brand

In the Indian market, the rights to the BlackBerry brand were temporarily taken over by the company Optiemusthat has already launched two phones from the Evolve line.

A new BlackBerry smartphone with keyboard and 5G is coming

Although the last smartphones with the BlackBerry logo hit the market in 2018 and were not commercially successful, one more player decided to try their hand. In 2020, the brand came under the wings of companies OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile.

OnwardMobility is a young company from Texas that is to develop a product strategy and sell BlackBerry smartphones. It was founded by a team of “industry veterans”, associated for years with telecommunications and cybersecurity.

FIH Mobile is a subsidiary of the Taiwanese Foxconn (the world’s largest producer of consumer electronics). Its task will be to design and manufacture smartphones in accordance with the guidelines imposed by OnwardMobility.

The new owner of the brand announced that the new “ultra-secure 5G smartphone” with a keyboard will hit the market in 2021, but this plan has not been implemented. In early 2022, OnwardMobility, however, published an entry on its blog in which it confirmed that work on the phone is in progressand the first details about it will be revealed “soon”.

However, as I mentioned, the BlackBerry company itself will have little to do with this phone. Only the brand remained on the consumer market.

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