What’s next with housing prices? These factors can stunt growth

Housing price increases will slow down if the battle with funds buying apartments for rent is successful, and interest rate hikes will limit lending – HRE Investments expert Bartosz Turek wrote in an analysis published on Wednesday.

  • The main reason for the increase in housing prices in Poland is – according to Bartosz Turek from HRE Investments – the activity of investment funds
  • They can buy out entire estates and even development companies
  • The reduction of prices should also contribute to, inter alia, more expensive loan installments and a large number of new investments prepared by developers
  • More such information can be found on the main page of Onet.pl

The analyst, citing the latest NBP data, wrote that the average meter of a new apartment in the seven largest markets has increased by over 10 percent during the year.and in the case of second-hand housing, the normal average derived from notarial deeds increased by 7.3%. He noted that in recent quarters a number of factors contributed to the increase in prices, including the fact that real estate is seen as a safe haven for capital and a weapon against inflation. According to the Turk, the increase in prices was also influenced by the dynamic increase in wages, a very efficient reconstruction of the economy and the growing optimism of his countrymen. The lowest interest rates in history were of key importance for the increase in prices, he stressed.

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