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Enrico Mentana

Silvio Berlusconi declines the invitation of Enrico Mentana to speak to TgLa7 and the director broadcasts a fragment of a speech by the president of Forza Italia: “We have invited Berlusconi here for a week already, every day we have been postponed. And today, as you can see, the leader of FI is not here, legitimate. He has made another choice level playing field we played a small excerpt from one of his interviews in public and now we’re going to play another one. So we have fulfilled our duties “.

Here the intervention of Enrico Mentana on Silvio Berlusconi

Il Cavaliere today, 23 September, closed his election campaign on the stage at the Manzoni Theater in Milan and, just before starting his speech, he sang the Forza Italia anthem standing up. “I can assure you that you made me move”, said the Knight after the ‘Silvio-Silvio’ chants of the militants present in the room, with cell phones and party flags in hand. Then, interviewed by Alessandro Sallusti and Augusto Minzolini, he said: “It will be a political government, but I hope to have from culture, university, business, commerce and volunteering some first-rate protagonists who can enter a government that represents the best forces in the country “.

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