WhatsApp allows you to create your own stickers

Sticker packs are a very popular alternative to emoji that WhatsApp users often use. However, it was not possible to create your own stickers. But that changes eventually, although not yet in the final version of the software.

In the preview beta version of the desktop communicator, a new function has been found that allows creating your own stickers. This is possible in WhatsApp launched from the level of a web browser. Users can select photos or images stored on the computer here. These can then be turned into stickers.

WhatsApp sticker editor for desktops

Photo: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

WhatsApp sticker editor for desktops

Users have at their disposal editor with toolswhich allow you to trim, rotate, sign and draw. For now, the feature is in the testing phase. It is not known whether WhatsApp has plans to introduce it also in a mobile application for smartphones. This will clear up over time. It is worth adding that a new picture-in-picture mode is also at the testing stage.

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