Discovered a new security flaw that exploits a bug in the image gallery for WhatsApp and can lead to hacker control of the device.

A disturbing communication for the many who use WhatsApp comes from the company, which warns of the presence of a serious security flaw that can be exploited through a simple gif and needs an update to be neutralized.

First of all, it is an important vulnerability but limited to some particular situations: these are devices with Android 8.1 and 9.0 and with WhatsApp in version 2.19.244, since in all other situations the problem does not seem to occur, but if re-entered in both cases then you have to proceed quickly to update the app.

A hacker called “Awakened” has apparently found this new vulnerability called “double-free”, which can allow third parties to access their device through the image gallery. Everything starts with a bug in the latter, which allows hackers to execute an ad hoc code called Shellcode that can open gates on smartphones, making it also act independently of the user.

In any case, the problem is already aware of WhatsApp, which recommended updating the app on Android and iOS.

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