WhatsApp does not work, “down” to the Meta messaging system: what happens

Inefficiencies and many reports from all over the world. After the hiccups in the evening of October 24, the down the next morning

WhatsApp is not working: after 6 pm on Monday 24 October, reports of those who could not use the messaging system owned by Meta (Facebook) multiplied. A temporary “down” that has left on foot the many millions of Italians who every day intensively use the app that has established itself as a substitute for the old SMS. And then a new malfunctionin the morning of today, Tuesday 25 Octoberstarting from about 9.

“We are aware that some people are having trouble sending messages. We are working to restore WhatsApp as soon as possible»Declared a spokesperson for Meta in a note sent to Courier.

Meanwhile, thousands of reports on Downdetector, the platform that collects and communicates problems on various sites and applications, from all over Italy. Most users indicate that they are unable to send and receive messages. Problems also on the desktop version of the application.

The start date of the malfunction, October 24, coincides with the one that WhatsApp had indicated to officially say goodbye to some old devices. Which are no longer able to support the application. In particular, with regard to the iPhonephones updated at iOS 10 and iOS 11 versions (for example the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c models), while for what concerns Androidyou must have at least version 4.1. Coincidence suggests: is it possible that the software update has caused some problems and therefore, consequently, a “down” on all devices?

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October 24, 2022 (change October 25, 2022 | 09:59)


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