WhatsApp: no more memory problems: solve with a couple of clicks

This time, no new features in the beta version of WhatsApp, also because in this 2022 the number one instant messaging app has so many, that it almost has to slow down.

Nothing beats the convenience of using iCloud to back up and restore data on a iPhone. Sync everything, including contacts, messages, media files and app data.

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WhatsApp on iPhone – Cellulari.it

Self Whatsapp is your primary communication app, you may notice that the app takes up a big chunk of iCloud storage. Here’s how to delete WhatsApp backup from iCloud storage on yours iPhone.

Easy routes for a less bulky WhatsApp and a lighter smartphone

WhatsApp - Cell Phones.it 20221004
WhatsApp – Cellulari.it

Unlike Google Drive, iCloud offers only 5GB of free storage. Furthermore, WhatsApp may even force you to subscribe to (higher, based on the data on your WhatsApp) payment plans.

iCloud, However, it allows you to delete individual app data from the backup. Through a few clicks or taps. It always starts from Settings, a tap on the name of your profile located at the top, select iCloud, then touch and manage account storage, here you can check how much data WhatsApp occupies on the iPhone. Tap WhatsApp Messenger, select Delete data from the following menu. And that’s it.

However, there are other ways, because removing WhatsApp data from iCloud can become boring and, above all, repetitive. But you can disable WhatsApp data synchronization with iCloud backup. Other path: Settings, open your profile and then go to iCloud, just like before.

Tap on “show all” and disable WhatsApp from the menu.

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iCloud – Cellulari.it

So back up iCloud will no longer backup WhatsApp data. Follow the above solution to remove existing WhatsApp data from iCloud. Also, you can manually activate a new iCloud backup on your iPhone. How? Forward with a new path. Open the iCloud menu in the iPhone Settings, same steps as above, then select iCloud backup. Stop.

Of course, all of this is also available for Android users. If you go to settings and then to “Space and data“And then on”Manage space“You will find yourself on a page that shows the situation you have in WhatsApp: how many giga you have used, how many you have left, all the heaviest contents you have in memory (in order of size) and the individual chats, also in order of size. Here surely there is something or more to cancel. Et voila the smartphone will certainly be lighter, figuratively sure. But definitely with more storage.

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