WhatsApp: now the new update is ready, users with great news


The new update of WhatsApp so vociferous in these days is ready to arrive officially, here is what news will bring for all users

Being behind every change made by WhatsApp in these years has been really difficult and exciting for the users, who are happy with the news. Currently, however, many do nothing but wait for the next one, which seems to be around the corner every time.

Very often we talk about the news that probably will never arrive, but the last Rumors have launched some news about the next update. Many times, in fact, people let themselves be subjected to indiscretions, which are often lacking in any foundation. WhatsApp should have released the Dark Mode some time ago, but until now it has not been seen. Users are still waiting, and apparently something would start to move at least according to rumors from fairly reliable sources.

WhatsApp, while the new update comes to everyone we talk about the Dark Mode as next to arrive during January

Many users have come to know of the new update that in the last few days is finally coming to everyone. The beta version has in fact promoted the possibility of being able to set a timer for the self-destruction of messages.

This new feature will be useful for those who have something to hide and who can often forget to delete the traces. In the meantime, however, they are making progress towards Dark Mode. Some news coming from the web would have talked about some screenshots with the example of an incoming voice call. In this case, the screen would change based on the Dark Mode active or not on the account of the user who forwards the call. We, therefore, expect more news in the coming days to keep you informed.



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