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With autumn, even the air strikes in our country. The pilots and flight attendants of four low cost airlines among the most important in Europe for their policy of containing prices, have announced the stop.

The strike was called by the trade unions Filt-Cgil and by Uiltrasporti who have decided to stop to try to resolve old open issues with companies regarding greater protection for their employees. Let’s see when the stop will take place and which companies are affected.

Flight strike, thousands of passengers at risk

The mobilization is set for October 1st. On that date, pilots and flight attendants will stop to protest against the companies claiming more dignified working conditions. There will be 4 low cost airlines:

  • easyJet, Ryanair, Volotea: 24 hour strike;
  • Vueling: 4-hour strike, from 1pm to 5pm.

However, the Wizz Air in the strike of 1 October even if the unions have promised new mobilizations in the future also for pilots and flight attendants of the Hungarian company if the internal problems affecting the employees are not resolved.

According to an estimate of the Corriere della Sera the strike of 1 October risks creating a lot of inconvenience to those who will have to fly with these companies. Only the strike of Ryanair it will leave about 100 thousand passengers on the ground or create inconvenience. Enac has not yet published the list of guaranteed flights on 1 October, but it is conceivable that at least the planes that guarantee connections between the major islands and the main Italian airports will travel.

Because pilots and flight attendants are on strike

But why are the employees of the four low cost airlines going on strike? At the base of the mobilization is the demand for more dignified working conditions and salaries in line with the minimum wage provided for by the national collective agreement.

The unions explain that the attitudes of the top management of the low cost airlines involved damage the rights of workers with excessive pressure and effort out of control. Added to this is also an insufficient salary which in some cases does not even reach the minimum wage.

In the case of Vueling let the unions Filt-Cgil and Uiltrasporti know they will also protest for the dismissal procedure initiated by the company which provides for at least 17 redundancies among the 120 flight attendants hired in the base of Rome Fiumicino.

In some cases, relations with top management are reduced to an all-time low or totally absent. For this reason, a 24-hour mobilization will take place on 1 October to ask for a constructive and transparent discussion about the future of these workers who have now reached their limit.

The strike of 1 October is only the beginning of an autumn that could be hot from the point of view of the mobilizations and beyond. Companies will have to deal with the increase in fuel costs that could affect the price of tickets.

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