When and where will the NFL Divisional Round be played?

With the Wild Card Round over, here’s the schedule for the next round of the playoffs

this Partition round of playoffs He has completed his final key.

Once six meetings have been held wild card roundall promoted teams already know the date and time of next weekend’s game, when Partition round playoffs National Football League.

The first game will be on Saturday, January 20th at 4:30pm ET (3:30pm CDMX) houston texans and baltimore ravenswhich will be ESPN+ in the United States and Star+ in Mexico and Latin America.

this texas They advance as the fourth seed american conference after defeat cleveland browns inside wild card round,

Game 2 of Saturday’s contest, 8:00 pm ET (7:00 pm CDMX) will be green bay packers and San Francisco 49ers.

this packing worker (No. 7 near field communication) earned his ticket on Sunday after defeating his rivals dallas cowboysthis nine people They had clinched the league’s No. 1 seed at the end of the regular season. national conference.

Sunday, January 21, tampa bay buccaneers will visit detroit lions 3:00 PM ET (2:00 PM CDMX), beat philadelphia eagles in action”monday night football“.

Finally, the final game takes place at 6:30 PM ET (5:30 PM CDMX) Partition round: kansas city chiefs exist buffalo bill.

this National Football League He also announced the schedule for this competition AFC and NFC ChampionshipEach will take place on Sunday, January 28th.

3:00 PM (CDMX 2:00 PM), american conference inside super bowl The game will be played at 6:30 PM (5:30 CDMX) national conference.

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