When are you open? Where is it?

Mexico City’s secretary of culture, Alejandra Frausto, said at a press conference that admission to all performances would be free in the first week “in order to boost the audience.” Entrance will be 2×1 for the rest of the month.

Through September 16th, the show will be dedicated to Mexican cinema, with a special tribute to actress María Rojo. For the rest of the time, priority will be given to domestic works. The program is not the same as Cineteca Nacional, but it calls for changes in projections that complement each other.

General admission is 60 pesos, and 40 pesos on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This fee also applies to students, teachers, senior citizens, and her children under the age of 25 who present official identification. Parking fee is 25 pesos for cars and 15 pesos for motorbikes.

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Where is the new National Arts Theater?

The new Cineteca Nacional is located in the National Center for the Arts (Cenar) at 79 Calle Rio Churubusco, Mayor’s Office of Coyoacan, near the General Anaya metro station. This was the Cinemax de las Artes facility for 25 years and has now closed. After the contract expires, it is scheduled to open in September 2021.

The project was handled by Ezra Buenrostro, an architect known for his work on the Kubrick exhibition museum, the National Cineteca de Soco exhibition.

The investment amount is 48 million pesos, including a full renovation of the facility to give the cinema a new identity, intervention in spaces such as bathrooms and rooms, and a projector (belonging to a movie theater chain, which will be completed within 20 months by the Ministry of Culture). Acquisition), removing the concrete walls of the façade and replacing them with glass, allowing interaction with the Senar green space where outdoor events are held.

The facility has a total of 12 rooms with a maximum of 185 seats and a minimum of 65 seats, as well as two sweets shops and a bar.

Alejandro Pelayo, director of Cineteca Nacional, hopes to reach an equilibrium point between resource recovery and expenditure through the sale of tickets and consumer products at the new headquarters within the next four months.

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