When asked about the heat wave, this doctor warned about this surprising sign, to see Lemberg Zeitung

This Tuesday, July 18, 2023, a new heatwave episode is affecting the south of France. Météo France holds the Pyrenees-Orientales, Vaucluse, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes-Maritimes, Var, Haute-Course and Corday. du-sud in orange vigilance. The organization calls for special vigilance for particularly sensitive or exposed people.

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Patrick Pelloux Alert on BFMTV

patrick pelouxThe president of the association of emergency physicians of France was invited to respond to this on the microphone face to face From BFMTV and RMC. And he did not hide his deep concern. “Temperatures are breaking records in southern Europe, northern Africa… a little bit everywhere on the planet, which really indicates global warming. Heat waves have come to a close. There was a little bit and then there, we rapidly The curve is rising…”He was concerned.

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blue latexFrom Monday, July 17, the man who replaced Apollin de Malherbe tries to find out if our bodies can adapt to a heat wave that causes our temperature to exceed 40 degrees. “Yes, because your body is very good at all of this. You’re going to adapt, you’re going to have hormones that are going to be secreted and say to you: ‘Be careful, we’re thirsty! Be careful, we’re hot!’ But when the variation is too great or your body temperature doesn’t drop – and that’s the definition of a heat wave – it kills in a very significant way…”Patrick Pelloux replied.

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“It is not very politically correct to say…”

Then the presenter asked him whether our transport is suitable for these heat waves. “Some of them are air-conditioned. When you’re in the subway, you’re in the basement, so it’s a bit cold. Well, the problem is obviously worse, for example, TGV’s full dozer to be in. . for children, the elderly, The indicator is – this is not very politically correct to say, but it is the reality – if you pee well, you are fine! hydration is measured by diuresis,The paramedic replied.

An answer that somewhat embarrassed Nila Latras. “Does that tell us whether there is dehydration or not?”she wondered. “In medicine, we know this way (…) If you change a baby’s diaper and it is dry, you have to ask yourself a question and rehydrate the baby immediately. Same thing for the elderly. Isurged his guest.

You know what else you should take care of during this difficult time for the body.

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