when Ben Affleck’s penis shocked the Internet

In 2014, during the promotion of David Fincher’s thriller “Gone Girl”, the element of the film that caused the most talk was none other than Ben Affleck’s sex. The actor does not hesitate to be ironic about the situation.

Gone Girl : the rebellious wedding

In 2014, two years later Millennium: Men who didn’t like womenDavid Fincher makes his return to the cinema with Gone Girl. Brilliant adaptation of the novel Appearances by Gillian Flynn, this thriller begins with the disappearance of Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) on her fifth wedding anniversary. As her husband Nick (Ben Affleck) helps search for her, he quickly becomes the ideal suspect and suffered real media harassment.

Pamphlet against the media, Gone Girl offers an extremely pessimistic vision of the couple and their social conditioning. Through a story split into several acts, the feature film reveals weariness and exasperation capable of poisoning a love story, to the point of no return. David Fincher presents deeply selfish and unscrupulous protagonists in his sarcastic film, filled with extremely surprising twists and turns that different viewings allow you to appreciate differently.

Gone Girl
Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) – Gone Girl ©20th Century Studios

Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Dickens complete the cast of this feature film which continues to manipulate the viewer until its chilling conclusion. During the promotion, it is neither the mind-blowing twists nor the virtuoso staging that are most talked about, but the attributes of Ben Affleck.

David Fincher’s “real gift” to Ben Affleck

During a scene of Gone Girl, Nick takes a shower and spectators can briefly see his performer’s penis. In September 2014, while this information was going viral and he was in full promotion of the film, Ben Affleck is ironic about the situation to MTV and declares that his penis is “better in 3D”:

We sell the penis movie. The penis is there! But it costs more. It’s an IMAX penis! People have to pay $15 to see it in 3D, because it looks better in 3D! You should know that it was very cold on set. It was below zero!

Gone Girl
Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) – Gone Girl ©20th Century Studios

A few weeks later, in November 2014, the actor returned to this temperature story during the Hollywood Film Awards and thanked David Fincher (via Vanity Fair):

I would like to thank you for refreshing the board. If one day you have to show your package to all of America, I hope it’s cold, it’s a real gift.

The actor is also far from being the only one to publicly discuss this penis affair. His partner at the time, Jennifer Garner, said on the set of Ellen DeGeneres that she hoped David Fincher had “a broad enough goal.” For his part, novelist Gillian Flynn puts things into perspective on the subjectensuring that we ultimately see very little of it (via Entertainment Weekly):

It made me laugh because we talked so much about his full frontal and I said to myself: ‘That’s not the definition of a full frontal, the friends’. It’s just a man taking a shower. I expect to see a lot more when people talk about full frontal.

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