When Black Adam hits theaters

It’s not today that we hear Dwayne Johnson saying that black adam will change the scale of power within the DC Extended Cinematic Universe. The so-called DCEU, in the acronym in English, has already died and resurrected and we don’t see the anti-hero that promises to change the way the public sees superheroes and their way of acting. Well, after a long wait, it looks like he’s finally here.

Jokes aside, the truth is that the production of the film has become almost legendary. Announced in the already distant year of 2014, black adam it took a while to catch on and it took time for any information to be released to the public. It was only at the end of last year, seven years after its confirmation, that The Rock showed some behind-the-scenes footage to prove that the film was neither money laundering nor urban legend. The Sovereign of Kahndaq is on his way for real.


But how does the movie fit into all the back and forth that Warner has created in regards to its superhero universe in recent years? What is it worth, after all?

Who is Black Adam

Before being the anti-hero that The Rock seems to be pretty excited to play, Black Adam emerged in the comics as a Shazam villain when he was still called Captain Marvel. Like every classic enemy, he was the hero’s evil counterpart, that is, someone who also got it from the wizard Shazam, but proceeded to use it for his own benefit.

Thus, he appears to be someone as powerful as the hero, but without the same scruples. So much so that he uses his powers to rule a kingdom like a tyrant.

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At the same time, his story is so tragic and he was developed in such an interesting way that it didn’t take long for DC to reframe his origins and turn him into an antihero instead of a villain per se. So he went on to do right by very wrong means, coming to be portrayed almost like the Superman who wasn’t raised in Kansas.

And it must be this Black Adam that Warner wants to bring to the movies. So much so that the trailers already show the character being sought after by the Justice Society and confronted by the real heroes as someone who will have to decide whether to save or destroy the world – and which perfectly fits the tone that Dwayne Johnson has been adopting to promote the long.

How Black Adam Fits Into DC’s Current State

The last few weeks have been quite hectic for DC fans. The merger of Warner Bros. with Discovery moved the studio backstage quite drastically to the point that batgirl having been canceled even though it was almost ready. In parallel, DC Studios was created and the new president of the conglomerate, David Zaslav, promised to give not only emphasis but also the weight due to the DCEU so that it is relevant and great enough to face Marvel.

And, faced with this new scenario, things seem quite optimistic for black adam. That’s because, even with all the changes and even rumors of postponement of projects like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flashnothing has been said about a schedule change for the film, nor has its future been called into question.

Whether because nobody is crazy enough to mess with The Rock or because the film is really good, the fact is that black adam is one of the few projects whose release is more guaranteed so far — and that could be a great sign for anyone hoping to see a new lease of life for this DCEU.

When Black Adam hits theaters

So, if you can’t stand to hear DC’s promise of a shift in power scale any longer, know that The Rock’s promises are about to end. black adam hits theaters on October 20th — more than eight years after the project was announced.

And while we barely have a Superman to match, the anti-hero will make his debut just two months before Shazam: Fury of the Gods. It’s unclear if this closeness was thought through with the characters’ backgrounds in mind, but it’s the kind of coincidence that will stoke fans hoping to see some connection or something. After all, after so long of waiting, it would be the least to make us still have hope in a shared universe.

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