When is the next 2024 Women’s Benefit payment?

andThe program “Happy Women” of Mexico State It aims to provide economic support, improve quality of life, promote gender equality, and provide employment, education, and health opportunities to women in Mexico’s diverse communities.

OK Women’s health is a relatively new initiative In Edomex, which replaces Salario Rosa, demand has been high and Delphine Gomez’s government hopes to benefit more than 400,000 people;Many of them have signed up and are enjoying the money deposited through the card, but many women question when the next payment will be due.

Payment schedule woman holding health card

  • First payment: December 2023
  • Second payment: January-February 2024
  • Third payment: March to April
  • Fourth payment: July-August
  • Fifth payment: September-October
  • Sixth payment: November-December

How much money have they saved in the Mujeres con Bienestar program?

Beneficiaries will receive the following financial support 2,500 pesos Once every two months, on your Women’s Health card. The program targets women aged 18 to 64, with priority given to single mothers, indigenous peoples, people of African descent, diaspora, people with chronic degenerative diseases, victims of crime and people living in highly marginalized conditions.

Through the Women’s Welfare Program, we will directly support the most disadvantaged women in 125 cities in the state. Unlike in the past, this is an unintermediary, unconditional, universal support and non-discrimination program.

Delphine Gomez

Benefits for women with health cards

  • Receive financial support of 2,500 pesos every two months.
  • Study public schools for any education level, both in person and virtually.
  • Attend courses, seminars and lecture training to develop skills useful in daily life.
  • The program will provide animal welfare services and provide veterinary assistance to companion or assistance animals.
  • Social security assistance will be provided, including life insurance, and support with funeral costs where necessary.
  • This card gives you reduced fares on public transport systems.
  • Get health services such as psychological, dental, vision, nutritional, medical, legal assistance and more.

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