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TV series: “The Peripheral” on Prime Video will be out shortly. The thriller series is based on William Gibson’s best-selling novel and stars the American actress Chloe Grace Moretzknown for its part in series such as “Desperate Housewives”, Dirty Sexy Money And 30 Rock and in movies “(500) Days Together”, Kick-Ass, “The Diseducation of Cameron Post” And Suspiria. The production aims to give a fascinating and hallucinatory look at the fate of humanity and what will come next. Here’s everything you need to know about “The Peripheral” plot, release, cast and episodes.

“The Peripheral” on Prime Video: release and episodes

“The Peripheral” on Prime Video will arrive from 21 October 2022. We are talking about a thriller series based on the best-selling novel, known in Italy as “Reverse”by the great author William Gibson. The production, entrusted to Scott B. Smith (“A Simple Plan“) Who is also showrunner and producer, develops in a total of 8 episodes lasting one hour directed by Vincenzo Natali (director of “Cube – The cube”, “In the Tall Grass”, “Cypher Splice”) And Greg Plageman (manufacturer of “New York Police Department”, “Person of Interest”, “Cold Case”). The other showrunners and producers are Jonathan Nolan And Lisa Joythe same as “Westworld”. The other manufacturers are instead Athena Wickham (“Westworld”) And Steven Hoban (“In the Tall Grass”). “The Peripheral” is from Amazon and Warner Bros. Television who have collaborated with Kilter Films. (Continue reading after the photo)

The Peripheral ”plot

The space-time setting bounces between the United States of the future, where the only profitable activity is the production of synthetic drugs, and the England of seventy years later. At the center of the story is there Flynne Fishera woman living in a rural area, works as an assembler in a 3D printing shop and tries to hold together the fragments of her family in a forgotten corner of theAmerica of the futurewhere technology has subtly altered society.

Burtonthe brother of Flynne, is a former marine war veteran with severe neurological injuries sustained on the battlefield. In London seventy years ahead of time, however, he lives Wilf Netherton, a wealthy and successful professional. The latter is found to collaborate with Flynne when they are called to take care of hidden security in the prototype of a new online game set in a reality that differs from ours in some small details.

This meeting is destined to change forever the way of seeing the present and the future of each of them. Flynne is a bright and ambitious woman, but condemned not to have a future, at least until the future meets her when she discovers the connection with a alternate reality. Along with his fate, there is that of humanity and what comes nextthe main themes of the novel and the series.

The cast

In the cast of “The Peripheral” on Prime Video first of all we find the twenty-year-old American actress Chloë Grace Moretz (in “Desperate Housewives”, Dirty Sexy Money, 30 Rock, “(500) Days Together”, Kick-Ass, “The Diseducation of Cameron Post” And Suspiria) as the protagonist Flynne Fisher. Beside her there is Jack Reynor (in “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”, “Strange Angel”, “Midsommar” And “Cherry”) in the role of Burtonthe brother of Flynne And Gary Carr in that of Wilf Netherton.

They complete the cast Charlotte Riley in the guise of Aelita; JJ Feild in those of Lev; Adelind Horan in the role of Billy Ann Baker; T’Nia Miller in those of Cherise; Alex Hernandez in the role of Tommy Constantine; Louis Herthum in that of Corbell Pickett; Chris Coy in the guise of Jasper; Melinda Page in those of Hamilton Ella; Katie Leung in the role of Ash; Austin Rising in those of Leon; Eli Goree in the role of Conner; Alexandra Billings in that of Ainsley Lowbeer And Julian Moore-Cook.

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