When Lionel Messi’s Son Thinks He’s Sergio Ramos


When Lionel Messi’s Son Thinks He’s Sergio Ramos

After his father’s matches in Miami, Mateo Messi plays on the lawn with his brothers and the children of other players. Her style? He’s like a tough guard.


In MLS, Inter Miami are on cloud nine following the arrival of Argentine superstar Lionel Messi. Not only have the Florida team not lost a single game so far, but they have also won the League Cup, the first trophy in their history, as the flamboyant number 10 joined owner David Beckham’s club. Under these ideal circumstances, everyone is at the party, including the children of Inter Miami players.

deal with his brothers

After home matches at Miami’s Drive Pink Stadium, it is not uncommon to see Mateo Messi, his brothers Ciro and Thiago, and other players’ children running onto the field to kick the ball as soon as the official final whistle blows. On video images taken by spectators from the stands, we can see that Mateo (10 years old), the eldest of the siblings, takes advantage of his size to show all the colors to his younger brothers. This style is definitely closer to Lionel Messi’s former teammate at PSG, defender Sergio Ramos, than his father.

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