“When people are angry, they litigate”: Minister Rios Farjat

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Ana Margarita Rios Farjat, Minister of the Supreme Court of the NationEmphasized the importance of students and graduates from other disciplines taking an interest in justice and making it accessible to society.

“I think that expertise touches us, technical expertise is essential, but it is also very important never to lose communication with other fields of knowledge,” he said during his participation in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the journal Euris Tantum de la Said. law School Did Anahuac University.

He highlighted the role of law as an instrument of change and pointed out that “student society should naturally strategize to adopt the wisdom of the great decisions in matters of justice, the great transformative decisions that happen in the circles. ” court,

Farjat Rivers He pointed out that it is necessary to attempt to organize and classify the data produced by the sentences. If, for example, one studies decisions in family matters of recent years, he explained, it can be seen how Mexico Divorce,

“We’ll get figures that won’t envy them will take And they will be very honest because when people are angry, they litigate”,

“And we’ll also have stories that excite and inspire where the judge comes in as a technical connoisseur who comes to solve to the best of his knowledge and understanding with a moral sense of, ‘solve it this way. Will happen’, but the story and the protagonist are still parties,” he said.

Minister Rios Farjat He emphasized the importance of disseminating the sentences, as they are derived from inspiring stories of those who prosecute their cases and give the judiciary a unique perspective to social reality that is not normally shared with society. Has gone.

Farjat Rivers Congratulations to the editorial team of uris tantum The work they do to assess and disseminate academic knowledge. For his part, the magazine’s director, Carlos Beseril Hernández, announced Judge’s integration into the publication’s editorial board.

Prior to the minister’s speech, Mariana Moranchal Pocatera, a magistrate at the Administrative Justice Court of Mexico City, highlighted the challenges faced by women in the education sector.

However, he pointed out that more progress is being made every day in accessing places that were previously very difficult to access, such as scientific journals. For their part, the founders of Uris Tantum, José Antonio Núñez Ochoa, Mario Álvarez Ledesma and Tamara Colangui, shared experiences and anecdotes about the beginning of the magazine and the challenges it faced at the time.

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