‘When players perform, you have to call them out’: Philippe Albert looks at Arthur Vermeiren’s selection

A few days after Domenico Tedesco’s selection was announced, La Tribune Set provided its analysis. Main topic of discussion: Arthur Vermeiren’s non-selection. The Antwerp player was eventually recalled to compensate for Leandro Trossard’s injury, at least initially.

,He has been brightening our lawn with his talent for more than a year. You have to call players when they perform“Philip Albert was launched immediately. An opinion with which Stephen Strecker agrees. More than not being selected, the reasons given troubled our expert. ,B” isIt is strange to justify this choice on the basis of Keita’s capture. With an extraordinary player like Vermeeren, we are always interested in developing him and bringing him up to par with the best.,

Especially since the Red Devil of the future should soon wear our national colors. ,She’s got a point of view, a little bit thing till Kevin De Bruyne Vision and the ability to put the ball in the right place at the right time” Cécile de Garnier explains. For his part, Nicolas Frutos stressed the continuity of the young player. “this is mArrity because tactically, physically and technically he is always present. Since he started we expected to see a decline due to his age and he just hasn’t been able to pick up the pace at all.,

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