When telework and artificial intelligence impact the job market

If you’re wondering why inflation isn’t falling as fast as expected, and even if the decline is indeed there, don’t look for the culprit, it’s not energy prices that seem to be resisting. That’s not even the margin of some companies, which have taken advantage of inflation to raise their prices beyond their cost increases. Know the real reason for inflation is singer Beyoncé.

It is the Central Bank of Sweden which calculated and estimated that the American singer’s two concerts held in Stockholm earlier this month alone raised the prices of hotel nights and restaurant prices. And it is the very serious Financial Times that tells this story, which in my opinion and I hope, is unique to Sweden. I hope so, because Beyoncé is on a European tour and I don’t think the Central Bank has started raising interest rates to ban her from performing in front of her fans. It won’t make much difference, I assure you.

On the other hand, a more serious topic is teleworking. It is true that we talk more about it because it has become common since the arrival of Covid. So it’s understandable that employees are in favor of telework and some bosses put up with it, if not very enthusiastic. Anyway, as the job market is very tight while the economy is not in its best shape, the balance of power is in favor of candidates, especially qualified candidates. So now it is necessary to attract the candidates so that they can be encouraged to come and work with you. And teleworking is definitely an asset. Except that today, with hindsight, some studies show that teleworking doesn’t foster creativity.

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