“When they are racist towards Vinicius, they are racist towards me too”

At the start of his second season, Antonio Rüdiger confided in Marca’s pillars. The 30-year-old Germany international, who dreams of winning the Champions League with Real Madrid, will also face competition from Eder Militau and David Alaba this season.

Last season he made 53 appearances in all competitions in his first year for Real Madrid. Arriving from Chelsea, Antonio Rudiger does not regret his choice: “Spanish football is very technical. Very good players. All the teams try to play football and that’s what I like the most. It’s very intense, it’s top level. belongs to.” soccer.”

While he enjoys the football played in La Liga, the former Chelsea defender is also very happy with his life in the Spanish capital: “I am very happy in Madrid. I like the huge number of restaurant options there, I love the Spanish food. Like, although a lot of their dishes contain pork, because of my religion I can’t eat it. But I really want to taste the paella. What I like the most is that there are different origins There are people from all over the world who live in peace. There are South Americans, blacks, Spaniards… all live in peace”

“When they’re racist towards him, they’re racist towards me too”

In fact, this season Spanish football has been in the news a lot due to racism. During the last practice, his teammate Vinicius was a victim of this several times. Antonio Rüdiger wanted to give his team-mate his full support: “If you ask me if someone in Spain was racist towards me, the answer is no. In Cadiz there was a misunderstanding: it was published that they were racist towards me. But I didn’t. I didn’t hear them call me a “monkey” or a “shit nigga” or those nasty things. If you ask me if Vinicius is suffering from it, it’s clear that he is.

The Real Madrid defender also admits the insult Vinicius received to himself: “When they insult him and are racist towards him, they are automatically racist towards me. Racism is a lack of education and it is everywhere happens. I have always said and I always say this. It is important to say that they are not all Spaniards, they are idiots. There are many Spaniards who do not tolerate racism. It is very important to note that racists There are only minorities in the country, but they need to be reformed. It is very important that everyone knows that all people are equal.”

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