“When we can but…”: the new modest confidences of Monica Bellucci on her relationship with Tim Burton

Monica Bellucci is happy… and in love! After several months of rumors, the actress has formalized her new couple. It was in the arms of Tim Burton that she found refusal. And with the star filmmaker, she is on cloud nine. “What I can say…I’m glad I met the man, first of all. It’s one of those encounters that rarely happens in life…”she confided modestly in the columns of the magazine SHE.
“I know the man, I love him, and now I’m going to meet the director, another adventure begins. Me, I love Tim. And I have huge respect for Tim Burton.” she added. And if they spin the perfect love, Tim Burton and Monica Belluci sometimes have trouble spending time together. The reason for their very busy schedules…

“We meet when we can, but a lot”, she assured, as she navigates between France and Italy when Tim Burton lives in London. Near Madame Figarothis September 1, Monica Bellucci rented the “sensitivity” of his companion, “someone very touching”. For her, “the films he makes reveal his magnificent soul”.
After crossing paths on the steps of the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Monica Bellucci and the director had a ” thunderbolt “ a few months ago, according to ELLE. They actually met “in the utmost discretion” during “their meeting in France, last October, on the occasion of the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon”. Both honored with an award, so they haven’t left each other since their eyes met.

Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton: their joint project

“I’ve never been welcomed like that, even in my own family! », assured then Tim Burton. Monica Bellucci, very moved, also said: “I almost cried! I owe a lot to France, these are my two lands with Italy.. Together, they have also collaborated since the actress plays a role in the sequel to Beetlejuice. In this feature film, she will give the reply to Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jenna Ortega and Michael Keaton.
Before meeting Tim Burton, Monica Bellucci lived beautiful love stories with Claudio Carlos Basso or Vincent Cassel, the father of Deva and Léonie. As for the filmmaker, he has long spun the perfect love with another great actress: Helena Bonham Carter, with whom he had two children.

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