When will fuel prices fall? It seems that THEN you can count on reductions in gasoline and LPG prices!

The first good news that we have not heard about for a long time has recently started to appear on the wholesale fuel market. We are talking about reductions in wholesale fuel prices. But does all of this have a chance to translate into a drop in the price of gasoline, diesel and LPG at gas stations? We are already in a hurry with the translation.

When will fuel prices go down? There are many indications that unfortunately this year we have nothing to count on

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The average price that has to be paid for unleaded gasoline at Polish fuel producers is currently PLN 4763 net per 1000 liters. This price is PLN 115 cheaper than the one that was in force before the long weekend in November. Diesel got cheaper by PLN 91.40 in wholesale, so this is another quite good news.

Analysts have been emphasizing for a long time that the prices of all fuels have gone up very much, which is clearly visible in the prices of individual raw materials. Now we are not only talking about crossing such a psychological limit as the rate of PLN 6 per liter, but also about other historical records in this matter.

Wholesale prices have dropped somewhat so far. After all, the situation is not very optimistic for us anyway

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Wholesale fuel prices are cheaper, but will this cause fuel prices to go down as well? Unfortunately, there are many indications that there is nothing to expect any cuts this year. If they happen, they will not appear at the stations around next year. Unfortunately, these are the realities and so far we have no choice but to adapt to these horrendous fuel rates.

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