When will the new League of Legends season start: New League of Legends map and season start date 2024

new season in League of Legends For many players, it’s like a rebirth. The chance to start over in Riot Games MOBA has historically had a preseason to prepare for all the changes in order to emerge in the best possible way during the qualifying rounds.

When does the 2024 League of Legends season start?

This new season brings many new features, among which there will be no more preseason games in 2024, meaning that inter-war period is gone forever from the Riot scene. This way, The 2023 season will end on January 9th, and the new cracked version of League of Legends will debut on the 10th of the same month in the 2024 season.

League of Legends 2024 Season Full of Changes and News

There are important changes coming to League of Legends in the 2024 season. Summoner’s Rift how is he Baron Nasher, It will feature three new shapes, and depending on which shape appears, the terrain will change one way or another. In addition, the Rift Pioneer has been modified. Some larvae will appear in corresponding places on the map in the game, and the jungle will also change.

A historic 2023 on a competitive level

League of Legends is more than just a video game, it is one of the most famous competitive environments in esports. 2023 Worlds Held in South Korea, marking a return to the top T1 Seven years on from their last victory, the long-established South Korean club are crowned world champions for the fourth time and, if needed, confirmation that there has never been a Riot Games MOBA player like “Faker” Lee Sang-Hyeok.

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