When will the summer of Basra end? Here is information about Basra summer – last minute Turkish news

Eyyam-i Bahur and the summer of Africa, which occupied Turkey, left the country. This time, Basra came under the influence of heat coming from the Turkish southeast. See here information about Basra summer…

When will the summer of Basra end?

It is estimated that temperatures, which are above seasonal normal, will continue to affect Southeast Anatolia until August 14.

Humeyra Betul Akgul, meteorological engineer at the 15th Regional Meteorological Directorate in Diyarbakir, said temperatures in the region, which are above the seasonal normal, could rise by 6 to 10 degrees.

Stating that Diyarbakir will reach 45 degrees, Sanliurfa 44, Mardin 40, Batman 45, Sirte 43 and Sirnak 40 degrees, Akgul said, “We think we will reach the maximum temperature, especially on Thursday.” Said.

Stating that the expected temperature in the southeast originates from Basra, Akgul said, “While before the African heat used to generate heat in Basra, now our western provinces are getting cooler and the African heat is losing its effect. At this time the whole heat is showing its effect on our Southeastern Anatolia region. Hence Thursday will experience maximum temperature. After Thursday, we expect a gradual decline. We anticipate that these temperatures will continue till the 14th of the month. They said.

Noting that air temperature can have a negative impact on human health, Lecturer in Chest Diseases, Dicle University Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Doctor. Abdurrahman Senyiğit warned the citizens.

Şenyiğit warned citizens not to go out between 11:00 and 16:00 unless absolutely necessary, and said:

“Even though Ayyam-e-Bahur and Africa heat, which took effect in the first week of August, is over, we see that these extreme temperatures are still continuing. Presumably, these extreme temperatures will greatly affect our region and our country. During this, the most important incident related to security is not being able to go out between 11 am and 16 pm. Especially our elderly citizens, who are sick and have blood pressure disease, should be very careful. When you go out this summer and are exposed to extreme heat, all kinds of health problems including brain hemorrhage are bound to happen.

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