When you are on a diet, don’t forget to buy this at the supermarket: it is very important

If you are on a diet, when you are in the supermarket you cannot forget to buy this: it is very important

The summer season has now given way to autumn and soon we will welcome back inside too. So when the summer season is over, we begin to catch up to be in better shape than ever and get back to our healthy habits. Or for whom of healthy habits before it did not have any, perhaps the time has come to find its own center and its own balance.

supermarket diet
What to buy at the supermarket when you are on a diet (Credits: Adobe)

Here we begin to think about what to do to get back in shape. Between walking at a brisk pace, home workouts and those in the gym, it is certainly the type of diet that we follow during the year that roughly affects our physical shape. From a ‘global’ point of view, the healthier and more balanced our diet is, the more our body stays in shape and our body stays healthy.

But what to eat? This is the question many ask themselves when they are about to start establishing good eating habits. Well to this question, your doctor will certainly answer in more detail, but what we do know is that there are some foods, which, more than others, are said to be low in calories, and perfect to integrate into your diet. In this regard, here what you need to buy in the supermarket for a healthy diet.

The food that cannot be missing when you are on a diet: what to buy at the supermarket

A good ‘rule’ to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle is certainly to never have a diet that is too static and always the same. In fact, the secret of perfect physical shape is a diet that is as varied as possible and rich in nutrients that promote our well-being, inside and out. In this regard, there are several foods that we should never miss in our dishes. Among these surely, hear hear, onions. Well, someone might turn up their noses but it is actually a food that is really an ally of our health. So what happens to our body if we eat onions?

supermarket diet
Onions: benefits (Credits: Adobe)

Well these are not only low in calories but are also rich in water, fiber and contain Vitamin C. They are a valid help to counteract excess fluids because they have diuretic properties and are therefore very popular at the table. They also have antioxidant properties and keep cholesterol levels stable. In short, there are so many good reasons to eat onions. However, as we know, these do not enjoy a good reputation. The reason? Not just their pungent flavor. In fact, onions have a particular characteristic: they make us cry. This is due to a substance contained in them, called allinase or an enzyme capable of producing an immediately irritating action that causes tearing. In this regard, we ask ourselves, how can we avoid crying every time we slice an onion? A simple method can be to keep the knife in the fridge until just before use. The cold of the blade will allow us not to cry ‘bitter tears’. And did you know it?

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