“Whenever we learn something, our brain rewards us with feelings of joy and happiness”

Is it possible to change our brains? Can we educate and re-educate him? brain It is the organ of thought and governs all our Allows you to gain new knowledge and experiences and give them meaning, especially emotionally, which changes our perception and connection to our environment and ourselves.but our minds and brains They are not fixed, They can always grow and expand their horizons.

That’s how he explains it to us in his new book educate your brain (Griehalbo Editorial) David Bueno, PhD in biology and neuroeducation expert, is also the author of many successful books such as The adolescent brainwon the 2023 Italian Zimbelli Award.

“Only those who don’t want to learn grow old,” is a saying your grandparents often repeated. That’s how you express it in your new book. Can we continue learning as adults? What obstacles does our brain encounter during these stages?
– Of course, in adulthood and old age, we can continue to learn as long as we have not started to develop neurodegenerative diseases. So this is a serious hindrance to our brains. Even then, it’s not as easy as it was in childhood and youth; we learn because the brain is plastic, because it’s making new neural connections.

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