Where is the investigation into Emil’s disappearance taking place? The deep concern of the Lemburger Zeitung, a great juridical expert

More than a week after fleeing from his grandparents’ watch, Émile is still missing in Haute-Vernet (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence). Field research ends on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

Justice has decided to refocus his investigation on Anacrim, a method that will allow him to inspect every element and piece of information collected since the disappearance of the little two-and-a-half-year-old boy. Though a dire scenario has been feared by the investigators, no track has been ruled out so far. A preliminary investigation was launched on Monday 17 July, but the child has not yet been found.

Dominique Rizet’s deep concern on BFMTV

On the set of BFMTV – the channel with which Laurent Rouquier will join at the beginning of the school year – a great judicial expert expressed his deep concern. “There are disturbing things. It seems that a flying saucer has come and made this child disappear… He is with his grandparents and other family members. He is moving, he is going to this village and we have disturbing testimony of two people who say: ‘We saw him pass’ (…) This is a child who is leaving the village on foot and is, in theory, about to be lost and should be found. We can’t find him…”Dropped Dominic Rizzet.

“So if the version (of the couple seeing Emil, editor’s note) is correct, it means that from that moment on, he will go to a stranger who will take him to meet a man who will apparently – again in all likelihood – pick him up in a car and take him with him, with him or with him”The police-justice expert of the continuous news channel of Altice Group was added, while the hypothesis that the prosecutor took care was not excluded “Hide Some Things” to the press.

“We have been really kept away and any attempt to intrude into the matter – in the good sense of the word – means that those who want to take an interest in it are malicious and spiteful people, curious and morbid. Journalists are people who are necessarily troubling, yes perhaps, but we cannot close this village completely! This village, one day it will come alive again…”concerned that the public may also get into let the accused in On RMC Story.

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“We are on a path that is logically very worrying…”

When asked whether investigators have already clarified “The Script That Grabs the Rope”Dominique Rizet speculates that it is hard to imagine that they are entirely in the constellation Void. “The investigators have to go somewhere to look, they necessarily have working hypotheses and clues that allow them to think that (…) so it’s not too complicated… Either the family hasn’t told everything, or someone was sneaking around and took little Emil. And…“, he explained.

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